The real question is: Should I start posting on this blog more often?

youtube(.)com/watch?v=PSkbK7Qs1E0 test tube baby reference.
Haha in an interview they talk about how Ian's a test tube baby
The test tube baby thing comes from an interview where they're asked where the name of the band came from and Josh says "It all started with Ian" and Ian says "I was a test tube baby". Hope that helps
The test-tube baby reference is from an interview, Ian was joking around about being a test tube baby.. So yea sorry I was just going thought your blog and saw that..

that’s totally fine, thank you for clarifying the reference!

How is lover dearest a trencher problem.. Sorry just curious!

it gets some people pretty emotional, including myself. i guess the emotion that the song makes you feel is the problem because it’s just so darn beautiful.

some posts aren’t to be taken as literal problems though, most of them are in a joking manner.

This is old but if you look at his birthdate and do the math he's 28
Are Josh and Amanda still together? I heard they were and then I heard they weren't??

That’s something I don’t really like to worry about..

do you know when they are going to make another music video??

Well considering that the Ever After era is over. Probably not until their new album comes out.

I don't understand the test-tube baby reference... Sorry....

I didn’t get it either, so you’re not alone.